A fantastic technique that eliminates a big part of the strains that the skin accumulates during our daily life, without the need for surgery or any incision. Here follows a short summary about the Shamá New Skin Treatment™:

  • Wrinkles and leather skin is removed with fantastic results to the extent that our before and after pictures sometimes are questioned. This treatment includes also the upper lip, cheeks, under the eye and eyelid.
  • Sun and pigment spots are eliminated.
  • In contrary to a facelift procedure, this treatment stimulates new growth of the outer skin layer which gives the skin a fresh and youthful glow.  
  • A very low infection risk, much lower than with surgery since the face is completely sterile after the treatment.
  • Our surgeon has had more than 30 years of experience, recognition and praise for his work with the Shamá New Skin Treatment™.


Shamá Clinic and other clinics also offer the use of lasers to peel the skin. For this purpose, the modern lasers do not reach the same fantastic result as with Shamá New Skin Treatment™. Additionally, the laser treatments require approximately 5 treatments, unlike our treatment that is applied only once. A hazard with lasers over larger areas is that sometimes the grid from the laser points may remain on the skin, this is however not that common.

The technique used in Shamá New Skin Treatment™ is the similar that was used by movie stars in Hollywood during previous years and is classified as a chemical peel. The only, somewhat comparable technique that exists today is total peel with CO2-laser, but this has a lot of disadvantages, for instance high risk of infection, uneven result etc. This makes Shamá New Skin Treatment with Phenol Croton oil superior.   

The intention of the treatment is to rejuvenate the skin through removing spots, uneven skin, wrinkles and tighten the skin through the renewal of collagen. The face appears in average 15 years younger.

If one has acne scars or fine lines around the lips which cannot be removed during plastic surgery, they are substantially improved after the peel treatment. Anesthetics are used during this one time treatment. Fine lines are improved by 75-80% and the face in total tightens by 15%. See our before and after photos with the Shamá New Skin Treatment™.              

Technically, 1/3 of the outer skin layer is removed and healing takes approximately 5-6 days. The deeper tightening of the skin takes about 3-6 months. Another advantage with the Shamá New Skin Treatment™ in comparison with a facelift surgery is that the elasticity of the skin is preserved and there is no scarring.

Md. Christer Lindqvist is responsible for Shamá New Skin Treatment™ at Shamá Clinic and he has exceptional good experience with this treatment. The finished result does depend a lot on the skill and experience of the physician. Contact us for a consultation or if You have any questions about the Shamá New Skin Treatment™.