Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™

What is the difference between Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™ and other methods?

With our unique Shamá 3D method, we create a realistic result with our natural pigments.
The features of the face are not one-dimensional, neither is the structure and color of the skin monotonous. To create a naturally aesthetic and harmonious result, it demands an artistic knowledge of the pigment tones, contours and shades of the face. A tattoo artist cannot create such natural results since the method and colors used are of an artificial nature, creating an animated result.

What is the difference between tattooing and permanent makeup?

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The aim with tattooing and permanent makeup is very different. The aim with Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™ is to enhance facial features like eyes, brows and lips with pigments that does not scar or cause infection. At a permanent makeup session, the needles used are much thinner and delicate. The delicate needle only penetrates the surface of the skin and is not painful as tattooing, nor is there any bleeding during the treatment process. Therefor, permanent makeup should not be compared with tattooing where a thicker needle is used much deeper, causing rips and bleeding. The colors used in tattooing are artificial and unnatural (in regard to the human skin tone)  and the intention is to make decorative patterns and motives that are not a natural part of the body.        

Can I return to everyday life after a treatment?

It is perfectly fine to return to everyday life after Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™ treatment. A redness may develop and usually it transitions within a few hours.

How long does a treatment take?

Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™ takes between 1-3 hours, including the time for the anesthetics cream. Sensitive areas like the lips and eyes may sometimes require more attention.     

Is permanent makeup a painful treatment?

It may sting a little bit but it is not painful. An anesthetic cream is applied on the skin for pain relief. After a treatment, the area might turn red and a barely visible swelling may develop. This normally decreases after a few hours.  

Are there any side effects with the Shamá 3D Permanent Makeup™?

We have performed 1000´s of documented permanent makeup treatments for 30 years. Shamá method® has not had any side effects nor any other complication. All products we use are completely harmless. That is why people with allergies, skin disease and makeup sensitivity come to us for a risk free permanent makeup treatment with fantastic result.     

How do I care for the treated area?

A leaflet of how one should care for the treated area is given at the end of each treatment. It is very easy to follow. In general, one should avoid water on the treated area for seven days. The first 2 days one must also avoid exposure to sunlight to the treated area.  

Permanent Makeup in Stockholm Sweden

At Shamá Clinic we offer a range of unique variations of cosmetic pigmentation based on 30 years of beauty expertise. First in Scandinavia with permanent makeup,

we have paved the way and developed individually suited treatments for every person regardless of age, skin color or hidden physical condition.          

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