At the first visit, we meet for a consultation. This is the most important moment that will gives you the opportunity to:

  • Ask questions and receive information about the treatment.
  • Get a thorough treatment plan adapted according to your needs and conditions.
  • Together assess a budget and number of sessions.

The consultation is of great importance because every person is unique when it comes to scar and skin complications do to skin type, age and psychological stress.etc. To ensure that we offer a satisfying treatment it’s important that we go through these factors. If you want to save time or you have a long way to travel, you can schedule a consultation and treatment on the same visit. After the consultation, you can decide if you wish to go further with the treatment. If you decide not to proceed with the treatment you will only be charged for the consultation fee which costs 50 pounds/Euro



Send Images – Mail us photos if you have a long way to travel

We are unable to consult by telephone or e-mail. In case you live far away from the clinic you can email us photos of the concerned area. From there we can give you an indication of what is possible.The images that you send should be of high quality. The photos should preferably be taken with a good digital camera, phone cameras tend to give poor resolution.


How photos should be taken:

One close-up photo, another on a distance so that one can see the whole body part where the scar or stretch mark is situated and the third image should be from the side so that one can see if the area is raised, sunken or uneven. You are welcome to send them to  and don’t forget to leave a short description of the area to be treated.   

We try our best to answer within 48 hours.